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I'm Carrie, the flower farmer at Fountain Lake Flowers. This is the story of how my flower farm came to be….

My journey to becoming a flower farmer started off innocently enough. For over 20 years, I had filled my little farm in Central Wisconsin with perennial beds and veggie plots, tucking plants into every corner.  The gardens expanded every year as I discovered new plants that I just couldn't live without.​

One late summer day, a neighbor walking by was completely taken by my dahlias. I offered one for her to take home; her excitement brought me so much joy! That is when the sparkle of an idea began to glow... and it grew into my little flower farm, Fountain Lake Flowers.

By 2021, Fountain Lake Flowers was in business!

From fisheries tech to flower farmer....

The name of my flower farm, Fountain Lake Flowers, comes from a small, pretty lake just down the road. It's a favorite place for our family to swim, canoe, fish, and take the dogs. The springs there are the headwaters of Emmons Creek, a stream known for its crystal-clear waters and excellent trout fishing. I graduated from UW-Stevens Point with majors in both Fishery Management and Biology, and spent many seasons working as a fisheries technician with the Wisconsin DNR on those very waters. So, the name comes full circle for me; it shares what I am most passionate about: caring for our natural resources and loving living, growing things!


These flowers are raised on good music.


From seed to bouquet they are rocking their stems to the tunes of: Collective Soul, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Indigo Girls, Red Hot Chili Peppers, BoDeans, and The Johns (Mellencamp, Denver, and Fogerty).

When I'm not flower farming...

Canoeing is one of my other favorite outdoor activities. Over the years, my husband and I have canoed many of the rivers in Wisconsin.


I really enjoy quilting, and worked at Sew n’ Sew, a local sewing machine business, for many years. My love of sewing was passed down from my mom; when the winter winds are swirling, you can find me cozied up, working on one project or another.

Cheesehead, yep! I am a PROUD, third generation Packer fan; it’s in my blood. Just a bit passionate for the Green and Gold! Go Pack Go!

packer flowers
the crew

My dream of Fountain Lake Flowers would not be possible without my family and friends!


My husband, Bryant, and sons, Ryan and Danny, lend me a hand when they are around. The Neighbors Up The Hill help out by cutting flowers before summer storms and sharing a plot of their land for growing of sunflowers. Every one of them has been a source of encouragement as I chase my dream!


"Land then is not merely soil: it is a fountain of energy flowing through a circuit of soil, plants, and animals."

- Aldo Leopold,

A Sand County Almanac

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